Landlord Fees

Standard Fees
Lettings only – 10%+VAT (12% inc. VAT)

  • Renewals on 1st and 2nd years – 8%+VAT (9.6% inc. VAT)
  • Continuation period after renewals – 6%+VAT (7.2% inc. VAT)

Lettings and Rent Collection Fees – 12%+VAT (14.4% inc. VAT)

  • Renewals on 1st and 2nd years – 10%+VAT (12% inc. VAT)
  • Continuation period after renewals – 8%+VAT (9.6% inc. VAT)

Lettings and 24/7 Full Management Fees – 16%+VAT (19.2% inc. VAT)

  • Renewals on 1st and 2nd years – 14%+VAT (16.8% inc. VAT)
  • Continuation period after renewals – 10%+VAT (12% inc. VAT)

Tenancy Agreement / Admin Fees - £250 (£300 inc. VAT)

This is a fixed cost fee that includes professional photography and floor plan services, property website marketing service, negotiating the tenancy, drawing up the tenancy agreement, collecting references on the new tenant (s), protecting the security deposit with a government authorised scheme and provide the tenant (s) with a Deposit Certificate and Prescribed Information. 

Anti-Money Laundering and Identification Checking Fee - £30

Other Fees
Inventory check-in service starts from £120+VAT depending on the size and level of furnishing. Quote required.
Gas Safety Certificate (GST) - £85+VAT (£102 inc. VAT)
Gas Safety Test and Service - £130+VAT (£156 inc. VAT)
Portable Appliance Test (PAT) - £80 + VAT (£96 inc. VAT)
Energy Performance Test (EPC) - £85 + VAT (£102 inc. VAT)
Smoke Alarms Carbon Monoxide Detectors Installation - £60 + VAT (£72 inc. VAT) visit and installation and £22 + VAT (£26.40 inc. VAT) for every detector installed
Not-scheduled attendance at Property Fee - When we are required to attend the property outside the terms of our contractual obligations, including attending for deliveries or waiting for contractors, there is a charge of £50 for the first hour and £25 for any additional hour or part thereof.  
Routine maintenance visit – First three visits free of charge and then £60 + VAT (£72 inc. VAT)      
International Bank Transfer Fees - When we are instructed to transfer funds overseas there will be a charge of £30        
Pre-tenancy clean starts from £100+VAT (£120 inc. VAT) for a studio 3 hours cleaning. The hours of cleaning depend on the property's size and condition. Quote required  
Arranging Keys (Replacement Keys and/or additional copies) - Quote required    

Tenancy Extension (Drafting and execution of document if supplied by us) - £125 + VAT (£150 inc. VAT)